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Family-owned and operated full service plumbing company.

We strive to be Tampa Bay’s most reliable full service plumbing company!

Through high quality work and competitive pricing, Clog Kings Tampa not only became a company of success stories, but also grew into one of Tampa Bay’s largest residential and commercial plumbing companies!

We bring a level of professionalism to your doorstep that you won’t forget.

Our purpose is to bring you 110 % customer satisfaction.

We also offer Emergency services. (always available when you need us most!) 24/7 365 days a year!

Customer service and plumbing? We base our family owned company on emphasizing the importance of bettering yourself, attaining your goals, and success through motivating reminders of why to push forward and getting the most out of your life. We take this trade very seriously and take pride in our customer service.

We aim to please. It shows in our work and our prices. Free estimates (during business hours). Extremely fair pricing (just ask our competitors). All adds up to a five star rated family business. Clog Kings Plumbing is Tampa bay’s leading plumbing company that will make your head spin.

Water is essential to keep any family or business running on a daily basis. Everything that uses water in our home is connected in some shape or form to the overall plumbing system. This system of pipes, drains, mains, and faucets is extremely complex and intricate; everything works together in unison to ensure proper water flow in and out of the premise. As with anything intricate, a problem that displays in one area could really have its root cause in a completely different area. A leaky faucet may not seem like a huge problem now, but left unattended it can grow and fester into something costly down the line. Likewise, a slightly clogged drain might not cause much of a headache now, but you’ll be wishing you jumped on the problem earlier when it starts backing up into your shower! As one of the best plumbing companies in Tampa, Clog Kings is able to handle any problem that may spring up in your plumbing system. Our expert specialists have extensive experience handling all types of plumbing repairs and services. From water heaters, drain work, general plumbing services to sewage line repair, we service and handle it all! Our team of licensed and insured experts have decided to put together a little list of the various plumbing services that we handle and specialize in!

Plumbing Services

Dozens of fixtures and appliances are connected to the water main so they can be supplied with water; your shower, toilet, sinks, faucets, and drains are susceptible to problems and as a result are some of the most commonly requested plumbing services. Anything from a leaky faucet to a clogged drain requires the help of a professional plumber to get to the bottom of the situation. As we mentioned before, something as simple as a leak faucet can be a symptom of a greater problem; with innovative techniques and advanced technology our plumbers can look inside your drains and piping to get to the root cause of the problem. Don’t waste your time working with other plumbing companies in Tampa, go straight the best and book a service call with Clog Kings. Family owned and operated, Clog Kings has provided exemplary customer service across Tampa Bay and we would love to do the same for you, contact us today for more information!


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Clog Kings is now serving the Tampa region! Leveraging our years of experience and quality service, our 500+ 5 Star reviews speak for themselves!

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